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The other day, as I entered my office, I got scared. Not because I had a giant spider on my head (well, I had. No, actually it was my estonian haircut, but it looked like a spider), but because my computer sounded WEIRD!

I bought a kick-ass computer just recently, so that I wouldn’t have any problems with my animations and other graphic stuff, but now I thought something had gone wrong with it. It sounded like…I don’t know. A mechanic elk with mechanic stomach problems. Yes, that’s it. EXACTLY like that.

But when I took a closer look, I accidentally took a look outside my window.

Datorn lät konstigt igen

There's the guy who is an expert in imitating mechanic elks!

His job was to blow away leaves and other stuff on the ground. AND to make innocent guys with spider-haircuts really, really scared!

Damn you and your stupid blow job!

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