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Hysterical funny commercial

Funny commercial

I saw this video link to youtube on facebook. It is SO funny, I can’t stop laughing. After you’ve clicked a link in the movie, another page is opened up. And from there, you can choose what happens to the hunter and the bear.

I just tried words as “hugs“, “kisses“, “rides” and “jumps“. But of course, sooner or later you will try words as “fucks“, “undresses”  and the weirdest of them all, “drinks“.

Give me more words to try!

How to keep people from nagging you at work


– is the shit

I got this video clip from my friend Tony and I’m seriously thinking of introducing it at my office. Well, I’m working for myself, but I guess I can use it if I have some visitors? Or?

Russian singer

Funny Russian singer

and a cover version

A friend put up a link to a video on her facebook status. It seems to be some russian guy who sings…like with no text. A bit crazy, but still funny, I guess.

But then another friend send me THIS one.

And while we’re at it, we shouldn’t forget about Franzl Lang. He is SCARY!

How about some stand up comedy stuff?
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