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About the Icelandic people

Icelandic people

– what is going on up there?

I read this somewhere:

“Hats off to the Icelandic people. First they declared themselves bankrupt… Then they set their island on fire…. Anyone else smell the mother of all insurance frauds?

Haha say it ain’t sooo

The Assential Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan smells issues

– the Assential Bob Dylan

A while ago, mr Dylans neighbors complained about the smell that came from his toilet (read more about it here).

I thought it was so funny, that I decided to write down as many jokes regarding this as possible, by using his own song titles.

Here’s the list (hold the mouse cursor over the title, to see the original one):

  1. “Don’t stink twice, it´s alright”
  2. “Knocking on heaven´s odeur”
  3. “Maggie´s fart”
  4. “Poo’ boy”
  5. “Shit ain´t me, babe”
  6. “Slow drain”
  7. “Like a rolling stool”
  8. “You’re gonna shit me”
  9. “Brownsmell girl”
  10. “Buckets of drain”
  11. “If you sewer, say hello”
  12. “Bob Dylan’s 115th cream”
  13. “A moonbeam on your feces”
  14. “Tight connection to my fart”
  15. “Poo right to me baby”
  16. “Shit hurts me too”
  17. “Tell me that it isn´t poo”
  18. “I threw it all your way”
  19. “Don’t ya smell Henry”
  20. “Someone’s got a hold of my fart”
  21. “We better take piss-cover”

And believe it or not – I’m 34 years old! 😀

How about some stand up comedy stuff?
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