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Linoel Richie. Hello?

Lionel Richie

and his song “Hello”

I was listening to the radio before, and they played Lionel Richie’s “Hello”. Something reminded me about that song, that I use to wonder something as I watched the video? So I checked the video again at Youtube, and yes – there it is. The big issue.

-Hello, is it me youre LOOKING for? Hon är ju blind!?

-"Hello, is it me you're LOOKING for?" Hey, she is BLIND?



Smoking in Gothenburg

I once was in a swedish radio show to tell them about my worse “new year’s promise“. I think mine was when I one new year’s eve promised that I would start smoking.

But now, I realise that I could never do so. I have tried and tried and tried, but I can´t stop coughing!! I suck at this. And now my question is; where do I put all the practice ciggarette-ends? I guess we don’t have and recycling stations for those things around here in Gothenburg?

I guess I can sell them as full size cigarrs to dwarfs?

I guess I can sell them as full size cigars to dwarfs?

Henrik the Gothenburger

In Sweden, we call those fimp (sing.) and fimpar (pl.)

In Sweden, we call those "fimp" (sing.) and "fimpar" (pl.) Funny, eh?

How about some stand up comedy stuff?
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