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Darth is a real player

I play dead

or wait, he plays dad.

Darth Vader will not harm his son Monica with his harmonica.  Don’t harm Monica.

No wait, his name is Luke.

Anywho, here is a very funny video clip from youtube.

iCade retro arcade dock for iPad

iCade for iPad

– the coolest iPad dock station. If it did exist, that is.

I’m not even close buying a iPad. But I will buy one if this docking station ever comes out. And, of course, I will buy an iCade! This is really cool! But it seems it was just a april fool. Crap.






The dock is made out of wood and the price should be around  $150. But again. It doesn’t exist. Yet. Can anyone please start making those, and tell me when you’re done? 🙂

Butterfly – The Alcohol-based game from Sweden

The Butterfly Game

do NOT try this game at home. Well, don’t try it at all. I’m serious.

I will now tell you about a game. Or WARN you about a game, if you will. It’s called “The Butterfly” and believe it or not – it’s just dumb people that plays it. I really have to say that, because if you DO try this, I don’t want to be blamed if something goes wrong. So please, don’t.


The first game of  “The Butterfly” was, as far as I know, played in one of the silly suburbs south of Gothenburg (the 2nd biggest city in Sweden. It’s kind of small, but big, if you see it through swedish ears). Anywow, since people in the suburb of Lindome doesn’t have anything to do, they invent different kind of games. Or, the games are just an excuse to drink tons of alcohol, but since people still laughs at it, it’s just fint to call it a “game”.

It’s really simple. Here’s a check list of items that you need to carry out the whole thing:

What you need

1. One piece of aquarium
2. 2 windup running plastic fish
3. Quite many metres of cling film
4. A couple of litres of, as we call it in swedish, GROGG [a drink made by mixing spirits with a soft drink]
5. A bunch of thin plastic tubes, about 1 meter long each
6. A bunch of crazy and partyhorny friends
7. An open field, as a grass lawn, a tennis field or a huge parking lot.

How to do

1. First, pour all the “grogg” (yes, that’s right, from now on, you really need to call a drink made by mixing spirits with soft drink for GROGG) into the aquarium.

2. Take the two windup running plastic fish, wind them up and let them dive into the grogg. They will now mix it, so it taste good for a long time. Sort of.

3. Wrap the cling film around your stupid friends, until they just look like a bunch of stupid people that are wrapped…in cling film…uh.

3. Now, put your friends around the aquarium. Put them in a funny pattern, like a flower or a sun cross. Be gentle to them. Oh, wait, they are wrapped in cling film! You can handle them the way you want. For now.

4. Help them with the plastic tubes. One and each of the participants should have maximum one tube each. If they have more than one, it will be unfair. Put it in their mouth, preferably.

5. After a while, you will have all your thirsty friends laying around on the field. Very cosy. Hopefully, the weather will be nice (so you probably don’t want to do it in Gothenburg then).

6. On the count to zero (from a optional number), your friend will have to suck even more than before.

7. Since they are in the pupal stage, they are a bit vulnerable to dogs, cats, lions, crocodiles, talibans and other creatures. Be sure not to leave them there, but guard them with your life (sort of). This is, however, optional. It’s up to you, actually.

8. Depending on how many of your friends that was dumb enough to participate in this crazy game and how many litres of grogg you have, sooner or later you will hear a slurping sound. It’s the typical sound that appears when a bunch of people drinks the last of grogg with plastic tubes from a aquarium. You will recognize this for the rest of your live, probablyl.

How ever, as soon as the grogg is finish, the participants have to crawl up on their knees, raise on their legs, squeeze their arms THROUGH the cling film and scream – “I AM A BUTTERFLY“.

The first one who does this, wins.

So, good luck with your playing! And don’t blame me if something’s going wrong. I will be busy sucking grogg, maybe in a park near you.

How about some stand up comedy stuff?
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