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Born again!

I’m feeling new-born!

I was at a friend’s place the other day, getting some massage. Swedish massage. I actually don’t know what that means, but I guess the guy giving you massage keeps speaking Swedish to you. Thank God, I’m a Swede, so I perfectly understood him.

Like in some amusement parks, there was a cam installed. A camera that will take a picture of your face, when you least expect it, just to show you (and your friend) how freaking stupid and scared you look. I bought this picture on my way out. Yeah.

Efter massagen hos Alexis kände jag mig pånyttfödd

Pickaboo! Uhm, it really looks like I'm born again...? Poor mom. Or wait, I hope SHE didn't see this!? doctor (a very small doctor, by the way)

EDIT: Hahaha, idiot spammers. Look at this comment, regarding this “article”:

“This is the best article I have read, thank you, I have learned a lot of knowledge in this area.”

Okay, good luck with that! 😀

How about some stand up comedy stuff?
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