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SAAB advanced eco driving

Gothenburger ECO driving

– sometimes things don’t have to be that complicated

I borrowed a SAAB BioPower from my dad the other day, and since it was the first time I ever drove a “eco car” I had now idea how it worked. The first thing I noticed as I start driving, was that the accelerator pedal was VERY sluggish; I really had to use my leg muscles to get it down. “Oh, so that´s how it works“, I said to myself. So I drove around for about an hour, thinking that it was a good thing to make the accelerator pedal very slow. That way, you can´t rush the engine and accelerat realy quick!

Something with the BioPowered SAAB was not feeling right

But after a while I got tired of behing SO slow at the red lights, so I called my brother (who I knew had been driving those eco cars before) and asked him how I could turn this “slow accelerator pedal”-function off. He was confused. Then he said “well, it works like an ordinary car. But into this car, you can put another type of fuel“. Now I was confused too. Then I reminded myself of my old Chevy Nova. The floor carpet was sometimes sliding up, under the accelerator pedal. So I looked down. And do you know for how long I laughed, VERY hard? If you do, please tell me, I have no idea.


This is a very cheap way to make your car more economic to drive!

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