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I was at that club

I went to a club tonigt, but I really can’t remember the name… But it was fun!It was something like….stone, or wooden things…well, maybe if I pretend to sleep for a while, I will remember it.

Have a good night.

You’re an animal!

You’re an animal, I scremed

indeed, the goat replied

We have a park in Gothenburg, called “Slottskogen“, where you can go and check out exotic animals (well, if you’re from Japan och Saturnus or something), like elks, seals, goats and other hairy guys.

It doesn’t cost anything and it’s open 24/7 (well, some of the animals are sleeping indoors at night). It’s a VERY nice thing to do, to go there. It’s quite big, so you can spend some hours there, for sure.

Sälarna var hungriga och fick fisk

I think that those seal-guys usually eats flying fish. That's why the lady was throwing them through the air. "Uuuooiiiiii!!", the fish said.

After the seal meal, we went to check out the penguins. Actually, those are exotic to us. They are SO cool, they are like flying under the surface.

We then came to the goats and similar animals. One goat was following me on the other side of the fence. It had to stop, because there was another fence going in there. The thing is that I picked up my cellphone to take a picture, like from above. I never realized that this guy could stand up on his back legs, so you can just imagine the look in my face, as I suddenly realized that he was as tall as I am. And ABOVE the fence, suddenly.

Bocken kunde tydligen ställa sig på bakbenen. I Slottskogen

Yes, I look kind of happy in this picture, but the second after, the horny guy on the other side of the fence, stood up. He wanted me to blow his horns.

It was a long day with a lot of fresh air and awesome animals. I’m exhausted. I don’t think that has anything to do with the face that the film team went on our first after work yesterday. No no.

The first Google car…ever!

The Google Car

– here’s maybe the first google car…ever!

I saw a swedish google car once, as I was going for a walk in Majorna, Gothenburg.

Här är den jäkeln!

Here it is!

Henrik the Gothenburger

Här är den jäkeln! Igen!

Her it is! Again!

People got very upset, because the car took pictures of people’s gardens and stuff. But it doesn’t seems that this is something very new, look here!

Är det inte Google som äger bilen, så är det James Cameron.

If it's not Google who owns the car, it might be James Cameron.

Henrik the Gothenburger

Är det inte Googles bil, så är det James Camerons.

Or Cameron Diaz.

Henrik the Gothenburger

Man har ju hört om backkameror på större bilar, men detta är ju löjligt.

There are bigger vehicles that has got cameras to show the rear view, but this is kind of overkill, if you ask me.

Have a nice day. And btw, is anyone ever reading this blog?! Please leave a comment if you do. I have no idea for whom I’m posting this stuff 😀

Garlic dick

Garlic dick

– what’s a “garlic dick”?

Well, the past days I have been to McDonald’s here in Gothenburg, to buy a couple of cheeseburgers, a coke and a garlic dip sauce. And TWICE, I have been asking for a “garlic dick”?! What the heck is that?

Garlic dip, garlic dip, garlic dip, garlic dip….no, I’ll never order that again, it’s impossible for me to learn how to say it properly.

The U2 concert at Ullevi in Gothenburg, Sweden

U2 concert at Ullevi

under the “360 Tour” 2009

Here are my movies from the U2 concert in Gothenburg in friday. I guess you can see both Bono and The Edge on the big screen?

Henrik the Gothenburger

Henrik the Gothenburger

I bet I can find 100,000 people

I bet I can find

100,000 people to join my facebook group

Yes. That’s the name of my recently created facebook group. And it’s not 100,000 people that dislikes George Bush, or hates cancer och want to sleep with Meatloaf. It’s just 100,000 people. I guess I just want to see how long this takes.

In Gothenburg, there’s about 600,ooo people, so I guess I’ll need just a 1/6 of them!

What are you waiting for?! To the facebook group!

Henrik is sick =(

I went to a hospital here in Gothenburg to see the doctor a while ago. He checked me, and after I had opened my mouth to show him my tounge, he told me I was sick. REALLY sick!

As soon as I came home, I ran into the bathroom, to check my tounge in the mirror. I borrow my grandmothers magnifying glass. I didn´t think I looked sick.

Do you think I look sick?

Yes. Okay. I look a bit sick.

Yes. Okay. I look a bit sick.

Bad glue method from Gothenburg

Out of glue?

Gothenburg sealing method that sucks

I went to my brother´s birthday party yesterday. As usual, I didn´t have time to even wrap his present in toilet paper, so I just left it in the plastic H&M bag. But I wanted to do SOMETHING so it would look more like a “real” present, so I just used my chewing gum to seal it. It didn´t work. I don´t know if this is the way we usually do it here in Gothenburg.

gothenburg,sweden,present,brother,glue,chewing gum

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Clumsy story no. 1

Clumsy story no. 1

– I felt very attached to my car

One sunny day I was going to give my friend Settie (her real name is Setareh, that is “star” in persian, but nevermind). I borrowed my stepmother’s SAAB 9-5 and in those cars the controllers to the power windows is placed in the middle, between the front seats. Anyhow, the nail on my longest right hand finger was a bit long, so I started to bit it of, while I was standing at the traffic lights waiting for it to turn green. Suddenly I succeeded biting the nail off, so with my left hand, I pushed the power window button down. I hung out my right hand and tried to shake the nail of, but it was stuck in saliva!

As I was standing first in the car que I sort of got panic when the lights suddenly turned into green! By some reason, my brain doesn´t communicate good enough with the rest of my body in panic situations, so guess what – my LEFT hand went down as a falcon, and landed on the power window button! Of course my right hand got stuck as the window went up again. But it doesn´t stop here – then the left hand (I have no control any longer, I just observe my different bodyparts living their own life) goes down AGAIN and violently press the gear stick in the first gear position, and the car starts to move (body parts conspiracy). I actually manage to change to the second gear, before the left hand decided to free his stucked friend loose.

The funniest thing was that when Settie saw my red, struggeling hand out the window as my car accelerated away, she just waved back…

How about some stand up comedy stuff?
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