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Pumping Iron

Pumping Iron – YEAH

This is not the way Arnold showed you how to pump iron, but it’s very good…for uh. I don’t know.

PUMPING IRON! But not as Arnold showed you. This is a funny picture.

Darth is a real player

I play dead

or wait, he plays dad.

Darth Vader will not harm his son Monica with his harmonica.  Don’t harm Monica.

No wait, his name is Luke.

Anywho, here is a very funny video clip from youtube.

Mr Potatoheads’ family


I was just thinking about last summer, when we went to see my family for some barbecue. Well, as almost always, I got quite bored, even tho my family are funny. But then I found a potato!

Min familj blir ännu snyggare med potatisfejs!

In the bottom picture you can see my wife. If you try real hard, you can actually see that she thought it was enough.



I had to steal this beautiful and funny picture from my friend Johans’ facebook, and put it here just to honor our wheel chairing and guitar playing friends out there.

"I'm rock'n'rolling, rolling, rolling...!"

"I'm rock'n'rolling, rolling, rolling...!"

Eye got something to say…

I only have eyes for two

…I mean, for you. And you. Well. That’s two. Damn.

Well, this is it. My first day as an animator at the film. I had the opportunity to try out a pair of porcelain eyes. It looked like this:

Porslin öga henrik jobb

-"Watch out!"

It was quite funny, they didn’t look like I thought they would do. Well, that is actually exactly what my colleague said, when she entered the office while I was wearing those things. “He, ehm, doesn’t look like what I thought he would do”.

If I would been on a boat, I would just say “EYE EYE, CAPTAIN!”

So, today I was just installing my new computer, but also myself. Tomorrow I will install all software (Adobe Creative Suite Master blah blah blah CS5). Yeah. And, I will also create the correct layout for the screens. I’m going to create / animate everything that the cops sees in their computer screens in this movie (like mug shots, finger prints, maps, chat windows and so on). I’m really looking forward to do all this, it feels great. Maybe, at last, I will be on 😀 No, I don’t think so. But still.

Awesome masquerade

The Joker

went with the Penguin and a big Chelsea smile on his face

We went to a masquerade last weekend, it was so much fun. We decided to go as 4 bad guys from “Batman“. So I became “The Joker”, my wife as “The Penguin“, Aza as “The Riddle” and Kristofer as “Catwoman“. Unfortunately, the “The Riddle” costume didn’t fit Aza, so Kristofer went as him instead.

Here are some pictures from the masquerade, very funny costumes indeed

Sanna som Pingvinen, en batmanskurk

My wife Sanna as The Penguin


sanna letade efter batman på gatan

She is beautiful. Really.


Koffe blev plötsligt munk med svärd i soffa

Kristofer had two costumes brought with him. At the end of the party, he became some kind of monk. With a sword. In a sofa.


maskerad jokern smile batman skurk

This is me. I was The Joker. Actually, I always look like this when I have a hang over.


The funniest costume of them all was this one. Robban (the guy wearing it), bought it from the states. It’s AWESOME.

den roligaste maskeradkostym jag sett galen

I don't know what to say about this. Just look.


sveriges roligaste dräkt på maskerad

Look at this.


maskerad är roligt

It looks like a midget is trying to kill an old lady by the computer, but it's not. It's like some kind of "parental control" hehe


We had a cool Halloween masquerade two years ago, with a “Sweeney Todd” theme. You can watch some pictures of the costumes HERE.

Hysterical funny commercial

Funny commercial

I saw this video link to youtube on facebook. It is SO funny, I can’t stop laughing. After you’ve clicked a link in the movie, another page is opened up. And from there, you can choose what happens to the hunter and the bear.

I just tried words as “hugs“, “kisses“, “rides” and “jumps“. But of course, sooner or later you will try words as “fucks“, “undresses”  and the weirdest of them all, “drinks“.

Give me more words to try!

About the Icelandic people

Icelandic people

– what is going on up there?

I read this somewhere:

“Hats off to the Icelandic people. First they declared themselves bankrupt… Then they set their island on fire…. Anyone else smell the mother of all insurance frauds?

Haha say it ain’t sooo

How about some stand up comedy stuff?
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