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I had to steal this beautiful and funny picture from my friend Johans’ facebook, and put it here just to honor our wheel chairing and guitar playing friends out there.

"I'm rock'n'rolling, rolling, rolling...!"

"I'm rock'n'rolling, rolling, rolling...!"

Hysterical funny commercial

Funny commercial

I saw this video link to youtube on facebook. It is SO funny, I can’t stop laughing. After you’ve clicked a link in the movie, another page is opened up. And from there, you can choose what happens to the hunter and the bear.

I just tried words as “hugs“, “kisses“, “rides” and “jumps“. But of course, sooner or later you will try words as “fucks“, “undresses”  and the weirdest of them all, “drinks“.

Give me more words to try!

Russian singer

Funny Russian singer

and a cover version

A friend put up a link to a video on her facebook status. It seems to be some russian guy who sings…like with no text. A bit crazy, but still funny, I guess.

But then another friend send me THIS one.

And while we’re at it, we shouldn’t forget about Franzl Lang. He is SCARY!

I bet I can find 100,000 people

I bet I can find

100,000 people to join my facebook group

Yes. That’s the name of my recently created facebook group. And it’s not 100,000 people that dislikes George Bush, or hates cancer och want to sleep with Meatloaf. It’s just 100,000 people. I guess I just want to see how long this takes.

In Gothenburg, there’s about 600,ooo people, so I guess I’ll need just a 1/6 of them!

What are you waiting for?! To the facebook group!

How about some stand up comedy stuff?
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