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Bad glue method from Gothenburg

Out of glue?

Gothenburg sealing method that sucks

I went to my brother´s birthday party yesterday. As usual, I didn´t have time to even wrap his present in toilet paper, so I just left it in the plastic H&M bag. But I wanted to do SOMETHING so it would look more like a “real” present, so I just used my chewing gum to seal it. It didn´t work. I don´t know if this is the way we usually do it here in Gothenburg.

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Oh, it’s my birthday!

Henrik’s birthday

– some people doesn’t change a bit. I am NOT one of those.

Well, it has happened; I am 34 years old today. I have no particular feeling about it, just that the day has been rushing away. Tomorrow we celebrate Midsummer’s Eve here in Sweden, so I guess I will take it easy today.

By the way, what happened the last 16 years??



Henrik the Gothenburger


2008 - what happened!?

Well, guess it could have been worse!

PS: My grandmother just called. She does that every year, to sing for me. This time it sounded something like this:

“I hope you will live
I hope you will live
I hope you will live for a hundred years
Then I will shoot you in the butt
when you are hundred years old”

She’s from Saaremaa outside Estonia, of course she have to shoot somebody! 😀

Oh, by the way; thank you SO much for all greetings I received at facebook!! I really appreciate it!

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