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I had a dream!

I had a dream!

And well. It was a bit awkward.

Some guys we know had a baby, but they also got an extra foot at the birth. So they asked me if I would like to have the extra foot, and I said yes! So cute! But then my wife was really angry with me, she called the foot “disgusting”. I was angry. How could she think a baby foot was disgusting? Okay, it did look like a spider (specially as the toes was moving and looked as they tried to grab something) and it actually had 6 toes. But still. It was MY baby foot!

So I sat there, in this weird place that looked like the inside of an aeroplane or a cinema hall, with the little foot. And a couple of seats from us, sat the original baby, in somebody’s lap.

I realized that when I tickled the little foot, the original baby began laughing. It was funny. But suddenly, the original baby, like, stood up an looked around! I kind of got panic and tried to duck down, but it saw me! But then I also saw that the baby foot had turn into a real full-size baby!? And this foot baby stood up, shouting to the other baby; “IT’S COOL! WE ARE NOT THE SAME!”

Say what? Damn those foot babies, you never know what they mean!

An angry note

Angry note

that didn’t make any sense

My wife accidently came on the wrong side the deadline in the laundry room today. As soon as she realized this terrible mistake, she ran down. But she wasn´t fast enough; the next person to do their laundry had already put up a note. It said:

“Why did you take my laundry time? Can´t you read? Get your clothes out of there in 30 minutes!”

My first (and actually only question) was; if you assume that somebody can´t read, but you want to let this person know something, why the hell do you write them a note for?! But I guess when you’re already at it, why don´t you just call them and ask them if they are deaf aswell?

I guess I´ll never know.

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