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Password: Incorrect

Password solution

I changed all my passwords to ‘incorrect’, so my computer just tells me when I forget…


Race clouds

Race clouds

I took this photo about a year ago. It’s common that aeroplanes leaves a trace of smoke, but I didn’t know that clouds could do that too…

clouds racing in the sky

Jean-Cloud von Damme won.

Now, you can really TALK TO THE HAND


ok, what’s the number?

Yeah, now it’s finally possibly. Now you don’t have to feel ashamed, as you put up your naked hand in front of your friends, screaming “TALK TO THE HAND!”. Now they actually CAN talk to your hand. And believe it not, they can even talk INTO the hand. From miles away.

If you have a lot of friends, you can talk to each other through your hands.

And also, it's the first time in history it's this easy to combine fist fucking with telephone sex.

And also, it’s the first time in history it’s this easy to combine fistfucking with telephone sex…

Darth is a real player

I play dead

or wait, he plays dad.

Darth Vader will not harm his son Monica with his harmonica.  Don’t harm Monica.

No wait, his name is Luke.

Anywho, here is a very funny video clip from youtube.

Mr Potatoheads’ family


I was just thinking about last summer, when we went to see my family for some barbecue. Well, as almost always, I got quite bored, even tho my family are funny. But then I found a potato!

Min familj blir ännu snyggare med potatisfejs!

In the bottom picture you can see my wife. If you try real hard, you can actually see that she thought it was enough.

The danger in high-speed hopscotch playing

High speed, indoor hopscotch play

and the danger it brings

I just want to warn you about playing high-speed hopscotch indoors. It’s not really a good idea. Here are some brutal photos of what can happen:

Linda hoppade en sommar

This is my colleague Linda, she's been very naughty and even if I warned her, she had to play high-speed hopscotch. Now you see what happens, Linda!


hög hastighet hoppa hage inomhus linda




up up up…

Well. Yes, I was a bit drunk. I was suppose to write “YO YO YO” to a friend. But my right hand was a bit too far to the right, so I wrote “UP UP UP” instead. It’s easy to write the wrong thing, but it’s hard when your friends fly away into the sky. Damn.

Limited amount of driver’s licenses

Limited amount of driver’s licenses

The police officer:
-“May I see your driver’s license, please”
The driver:
-“Hey, give me a break! You took my license from me last week, how many of them do you think I have?!”



I was at that club

I went to a club tonigt, but I really can’t remember the name… But it was fun!It was something like….stone, or wooden things…well, maybe if I pretend to sleep for a while, I will remember it.

Have a good night.



I had to steal this beautiful and funny picture from my friend Johans’ facebook, and put it here just to honor our wheel chairing and guitar playing friends out there.

"I'm rock'n'rolling, rolling, rolling...!"

"I'm rock'n'rolling, rolling, rolling...!"

The only famous thing left is my arm

Left my famous arm

no wait. My left arm is famous.

Today, I went out to set to get the computers and animations working. But suddenly, I was told that I had to do a stand-in for an actor. So I put on his clothes, or well, they were too small, so I just put them on to half my body. Like, the clothes was just sitting normally on my left arm.

The scene was just a close up on a watch. Like, the actor had already said the “hey, what time is it” and starting to move his arm towards his face (very slow, you don’t want the actors to hurt themselves) and then, a couple of weeks later, I had to do this extremely dangerous stunt scene. After 10 takes, I think I nailed it! Yeah!

So in a while, my left arm will have a small, but important role in that movie. But please don’t ask for autographs. It’s my right arm that knows how to write.

Illegal appearance

Illegal appearance

if your photo has a lock on it – then you know you’re ugly

Yes. It’s just like that. Some people are so ugly, that they are not allowed to stay outdoors among normal looking people in broad daylight. Also, if you are this ugly, every picture you are in has to kept in a bulletproof metal box, which can only be opened by a blind guy with no fantasy.

Det är bara blinda som kan öppa låset till det här fotot

WARNING! Do NOT stare directly on the photo, you will hurt your eyes badly. One (drunk) guy opened this box and took a look at it with a pair of binoculars. His head self ignited. True story.

How about some stand up comedy stuff?


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