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I had to steal this beautiful and funny picture from my friend Johans’ facebook, and put it here just to honor our wheel chairing and guitar playing friends out there.

"I'm rock'n'rolling, rolling, rolling...!"

"I'm rock'n'rolling, rolling, rolling...!"

I bet I can find 100,000 people

I bet I can find

100,000 people to join my facebook group

Yes. That’s the name of my recently created facebook group. And it’s not 100,000 people that dislikes George Bush, or hates cancer och want to sleep with Meatloaf. It’s just 100,000 people. I guess I just want to see how long this takes.

In Gothenburg, there’s about 600,ooo people, so I guess I’ll need just a 1/6 of them!

What are you waiting for?! To the facebook group!

How about some stand up comedy stuff?
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