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Race clouds

Race clouds

I took this photo about a year ago. It’s common that aeroplanes leaves a trace of smoke, but I didn’t know that clouds could do that too…

clouds racing in the sky

Jean-Cloud von Damme won.

Now, you can really TALK TO THE HAND


ok, what’s the number?

Yeah, now it’s finally possibly. Now you don’t have to feel ashamed, as you put up your naked hand in front of your friends, screaming “TALK TO THE HAND!”. Now they actually CAN talk to your hand. And believe it not, they can even talk INTO the hand. From miles away.

If you have a lot of friends, you can talk to each other through your hands.

And also, it's the first time in history it's this easy to combine fist fucking with telephone sex.

And also, it’s the first time in history it’s this easy to combine fistfucking with telephone sex…

Darth is a real player

I play dead

or wait, he plays dad.

Darth Vader will not harm his son Monica with his harmonica.  Don’t harm Monica.

No wait, his name is Luke.

Anywho, here is a very funny video clip from youtube.

How about some stand up comedy stuff?
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