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You’re an animal!

You’re an animal, I scremed

indeed, the goat replied

We have a park in Gothenburg, called “Slottskogen“, where you can go and check out exotic animals (well, if you’re from Japan och Saturnus or something), like elks, seals, goats and other hairy guys.

It doesn’t cost anything and it’s open 24/7 (well, some of the animals are sleeping indoors at night). It’s a VERY nice thing to do, to go there. It’s quite big, so you can spend some hours there, for sure.

Sälarna var hungriga och fick fisk

I think that those seal-guys usually eats flying fish. That's why the lady was throwing them through the air. "Uuuooiiiiii!!", the fish said.

After the seal meal, we went to check out the penguins. Actually, those are exotic to us. They are SO cool, they are like flying under the surface.

We then came to the goats and similar animals. One goat was following me on the other side of the fence. It had to stop, because there was another fence going in there. The thing is that I picked up my cellphone to take a picture, like from above. I never realized that this guy could stand up on his back legs, so you can just imagine the look in my face, as I suddenly realized that he was as tall as I am. And ABOVE the fence, suddenly.

Bocken kunde tydligen ställa sig på bakbenen. I Slottskogen

Yes, I look kind of happy in this picture, but the second after, the horny guy on the other side of the fence, stood up. He wanted me to blow his horns.

It was a long day with a lot of fresh air and awesome animals. I’m exhausted. I don’t think that has anything to do with the face that the film team went on our first after work yesterday. No no.

Eye got something to say…

I only have eyes for two

…I mean, for you. And you. Well. That’s two. Damn.

Well, this is it. My first day as an animator at the film. I had the opportunity to try out a pair of porcelain eyes. It looked like this:

Porslin öga henrik jobb

-"Watch out!"

It was quite funny, they didn’t look like I thought they would do. Well, that is actually exactly what my colleague said, when she entered the office while I was wearing those things. “He, ehm, doesn’t look like what I thought he would do”.

If I would been on a boat, I would just say “EYE EYE, CAPTAIN!”

So, today I was just installing my new computer, but also myself. Tomorrow I will install all software (Adobe Creative Suite Master blah blah blah CS5). Yeah. And, I will also create the correct layout for the screens. I’m going to create / animate everything that the cops sees in their computer screens in this movie (like mug shots, finger prints, maps, chat windows and so on). I’m really looking forward to do all this, it feels great. Maybe, at last, I will be on 😀 No, I don’t think so. But still.

How about some stand up comedy stuff?
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