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Icecream, sorry


Today, me and a friend went to buy ice cream. Went found a place that looked icecream friendly. So we asked the guy behind the desk if they had ice cream.

Sorry“, he said.

We looked at each other (me and my friend, that is) and slowly went away. What did he mean? Did he actually have ice cream, but just hated it. Like, the fact that he DID have ice cream made him sorry?

We will never know. We went for a kebab instead.

iCade retro arcade dock for iPad

iCade for iPad

– the coolest iPad dock station. If it did exist, that is.

I’m not even close buying a iPad. But I will buy one if this docking station ever comes out. And, of course, I will buy an iCade! This is really cool! But it seems it was just a april fool. Crap.






The dock is made out of wood and the price should be around  $150. But again. It doesn’t exist. Yet. Can anyone please start making those, and tell me when you’re done? 🙂

About the Icelandic people

Icelandic people

– what is going on up there?

I read this somewhere:

“Hats off to the Icelandic people. First they declared themselves bankrupt… Then they set their island on fire…. Anyone else smell the mother of all insurance frauds?

Haha say it ain’t sooo

How about some stand up comedy stuff?
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