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The first Google car…ever!

The Google Car

– here’s maybe the first google car…ever!

I saw a swedish google car once, as I was going for a walk in Majorna, Gothenburg.

Här är den jäkeln!

Here it is!

Henrik the Gothenburger

Här är den jäkeln! Igen!

Her it is! Again!

People got very upset, because the car took pictures of people’s gardens and stuff. But it doesn’t seems that this is something very new, look here!

Är det inte Google som äger bilen, så är det James Cameron.

If it's not Google who owns the car, it might be James Cameron.

Henrik the Gothenburger

Är det inte Googles bil, så är det James Camerons.

Or Cameron Diaz.

Henrik the Gothenburger

Man har ju hört om backkameror på större bilar, men detta är ju löjligt.

There are bigger vehicles that has got cameras to show the rear view, but this is kind of overkill, if you ask me.

Have a nice day. And btw, is anyone ever reading this blog?! Please leave a comment if you do. I have no idea for whom I’m posting this stuff 😀

Not very proper regards


regards that sucks

Not to myself: When writing business letters in english, always check so you do write “Best regards” and NOT “Best retards“.

Kind retards,

Garlic dick

Garlic dick

– what’s a “garlic dick”?

Well, the past days I have been to McDonald’s here in Gothenburg, to buy a couple of cheeseburgers, a coke and a garlic dip sauce. And TWICE, I have been asking for a “garlic dick”?! What the heck is that?

Garlic dip, garlic dip, garlic dip, garlic dip….no, I’ll never order that again, it’s impossible for me to learn how to say it properly.

How about some stand up comedy stuff?
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